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Mysql Installation

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1.  Mysql Server Introduction

2.  Types of Mysql Installation

3.  Installating of Mysql Server

4.  Configuration of Mysql Server

5.  Installing Mysql tools

6.  Creating database in Mysql

7.  Creating tables in Mysql


Mysql Server Introduction


Mysql database is biggest freely available database from AB. Mysql Server is open source (GPL) general public license database and very reliable database. Its popularity is known by its market share. Today most of database's companies have come with free version of database, Oracle, Sql server, db2 all giving now free version startup database, reason Mysql database. Support and documentation of mysql is so good. It provides clustering replication, database partitioning with high efficiency. Today mysql comes with mysql tools. These tools help no write query mode. Mysql tools gives GUI interface to users.It is not only GUI interface, Mysql provides in-built function stored procedure, function, triggers,Views.


Types of Mysql Installation

  1. Stable, reliable, fastest web server ever.
  2. MySQL Enterprise Installation.
  3. Installing MySQL Community Server.
  4. Installing MySQL on Windows.

Installating of Mysql

 Binary distribution
 RPM downloads

First download Mysql Server database from Mysql download link their own offical site
Pick your choice operating system and download according your hardware.
In linux, it would be RPM, and for windows it would be zip, exe or msi file.
We are using Windows downloads (platform notes) Windows ZIP/Setup.EXE (x86)5.0.45 version.

Steps of installing mysql Server

mysql installation first step

mysql installation type

mysql installation path

mysql installation process

mysql ad enterprize

mysql configuration option


Configuration of Mysql

Steps to configure mysql Server automatic. You need to follow the next screen and read it carefully as shown all screen step by step here.

mysql instance configuration

mysql option

mysql machine server option

mysql trasaction option setting

mysql path space


mysql port installation

mysql content

mysql sevices

mysql admin user configuration

mysql instance starting initializing

installation finished




Installing Mysql tools

Mysql tool help us to write query and administrator database easily. This gives us GUI interface for edit, delete, Update, and delete from database. Instead of mysql tools we have to use command prompt to edit any thing. We recommend that to use query browser instead of command prompt. Use mysql tools, you need to install it. Download mysql-gui-tools-5.0-r12-win32.msi from mysql official website

Steps to install mysql tools

mysql tool installation

mysql tools path


mysql tool stardand


mysql tool processing

mysql tool installation finished


Creating database in Mysql

After installation Mysql tools, we can create database in Mysql. In database, database is known as schema. We need to create first schema before making tables in database. Database is almirah, where all file and table kept. Tables is a folder where all records keep.

Steps to make schema in mysql

Start first query browser from start menu of mysql.

start mysql query browser

Server host should be localhost and username should be root if you have not set user at time of installation of mysql server

mysql query browser opened

Right click on the top right side

mysql database

Choose mysql schema to create

mysql schema name

Give schema name according to your requirement

schema created successfully

Schema is created successfully. Check it by refreshing on right side by right click


Creating tables in Mysql

Final steps to create tables in mysql database

mysql tables

select create mysql tables

enter field name datat types

Enter field name and table name with data type. What datatypes should be assign to field. e.g salary cannot be string. so datatype should be integer. Name should be varchar String not integer.

mysql execute

Excute to create table

mysql table

Now table has been created

view data from table

View data from table need to execute query with select command.

Select * from tableName

inserting data into mysql tables

Inserting data in mysql table need to edit in bottom. First press edit and then enter data in row shown in green row. After inserting data you need to apply change. Again execute select query in query browser.

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