• Tomcat Clustering

    As user grows, performance of tomcat and web-server decreases. Tomcat is worked fine with few user and open application very fast. This means, if we want to increase the performance of web application, need to increase number of tomcat servers. Read more...

  • Implementation of tomcat clustering

    Installation is simple as we install tomcat normally. In this tomcat clustering we are going for vertical tomcat clustering. So all tomcat instance is in single server. If you want (real world clustering) that is also much simpler. Then work with ip instead of localhost, I am also including examples for download Read more...

  • Tomcat Installation & Configuration

    Tomcat installation is of two types. Apache provides self installer for tomcat installation.This tomcat is in executable binary file. Download,and install, self installer do all work automatically.Second is source code extractor. This tomcat installation is also easy as self installer. Before tomcat installation, check all jvm, java, and environment path set properly. Read more...

  • Apache Tomcat integration with mod_jk

    This is very important step of tomcat apache integration. Mod_jk is connector module which helps to make connection between tomcat and apache web server. The request come from apache and apache web server send this request to tomcat web server through mod_jk. There are two type of mod_jk available Read more...

  • Apache PHP MySql integration

    Php is a widely-used Open Source general-purpose scripting language that is especially suited for Web development and can be embedded into HTML. PHP something like client-side JavaScript is that the code is executed on the server. PHP know for LAMP Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP Read more...

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  • Upload file in struts

    Web based application often need client to upload file, doc file (word file), PDF file, images file to a server. This uploading file can be server side or client side. In client side, user can browser a file and upload to server, same in server side, but no dynamic location (Fix URL) and URL path of uploading file is static. Read more...

  • Is hosting my website on free Web hosting server good thing

    Many people told me that online is huge media to generate money side by side of your work. There is lot of option to start my personal website or blog, start with buying a domain name and host it on trial base to a free web hosting server. Read more...

  • jQuery getting more power over Ajax

    Ajax is common part of every web application these days. Everyone wants their web application should be like gmail application. Every event fire without submitting page to web server, is become biggest priority of every programmer. Read more...

  • Way to start Java Programming

    Everyone wants to become programmer after their study. Everyone has a big question in their mind how to start, where to start, which to start in programming. Most of people are confused on help, targets and programming technologies. They follow blindly what others tell them to do, without using their own mind and search on Google. Read more...

  • Java Shared Web Hosting vs Private Web Hosting

    This question comes in mind when you think about java hosting for yourself and for your company. This question is not even difficult for web hosting in java also in normal web hosting. Many web hosting company promise lot of things but few of them only fulfills their promises. Read more...

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